High End Shaft Repair – Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding is a processing technique used for adding one material to the surface of another in a controlled manner.

A stream of a desired powder is fed into a focused laser beam as it is scanned across the target surface, leaving behind a deposited coating of the chosen material.
This enables the applied material to be deposited selectively just where it is required.

The crew of Mark van Schaick Marine Services is a group of enthousiastic and skilled employees with an extended and, in some cases, unique machinepark at hand. They have crankshaft lathes that can grind shafts up to 12 meters long and weighing 30 tonnes.

Mark van Schaick Marine Services has a worldwide reputation, know-how and service focussed on the client, in the area of repair of machineparts. They recieve orders from all over the world.

Services: video- and photography

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