Buxkin instruction video

Buxkin enables (interior) designers and architects to create a natural atmosphere in a room, by using recycled Leather products for wall- and floorcovering.
Buxkin is a simple, but naturally versatile material that is both beautiful and affordable. The flexibility and durability of the composite material make it extremely suitable for use in architecture, interior and product design.

The basic material is leather residue from the shoe industry. Buxkin bonded leather consists of 60% leather scraps mixed with latex and pigments. The material can be manufactured into strips and sheets, but if desired can take any shape or volume imaginable.
Exemplifying the custom possibilities of the material, Buxkin has been used in products and wall coverings.

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Buckskin or wool leather, formerly also spelled buxkin, is a thick, slightly brushed fabric which is full or half-shaved. The fabric is made wholly or partly of wool and was used for menswear.

The word comes from the English buckskin and indicates the pale brown chamois skin. Later, the term evolved to the above spelling.

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