Livestreaming RSM Business Case Competition

The RSM STAR Case Competition is a unique opportunity for sixteen teams from top business schools worldwide to compete with each other by presenting their solutions for real-life business cases. Along with boosting their professional skills, participants also receive an incredible opportunity to discover Rotterdam, a multinational industrial centre of the Netherlands, and familiarize themselves with the rich Dutch culture.

The seventh edition of the RSM STAR Case Competition in Rotterdam takes place from April 16th until April 23rd, 2021. This year, in order to take RSM STAR’s Case Competition to the next level, we are expanding from 12 to 16 top-level business teams of four students. During the case competition two real-life business cases are to be solved, consisting of one 12-hour case and one 24-hour case. In addition, several social activities, such as a city tour in Rotterdam and multiple academic events, will be organized to stimulate cross-cultural interactions.

This year, the RSMCC is organized by the board of the RSM STAR Case Club.
Due to Corona regulations the event will be mainly online. Three plenary sessions are livestreamed from Rotterdam. The monumental Entrepot Building will be transformed to a temporary studio were some local guests can present a case and join discussions with our host Tal Lavi.




STAR is the study association of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). With more than 6,500 members, STAR is Europe’s largest student ruled study association and above all the most active and professional study association in the Netherlands. Each year, about 300 dedicated Active Members organize STAR projects that reach thousands of students.


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