Livestream RSM IM Graduation 2024

Livestream of the graduation ceremony of RSM’s MSc International Management/CEMS.
The RSM MSc International Management / CEMS master is a highly acclaimed education for high potential students from around the globe.
Every year around 60 students finish their eduction succesfully of wich around 40% even Cum Laude.
It’s an honour to be asked to livestream the graduation ceremony for the second year in a row.

We caried out the assignment with 3 camera’s, two stationary and one operated, connected to our portable livestream unit. A preliminary location visit was conducted to check internet acces en determine the camera positions. We also installed two video and one audio lines to the facilities of the room. This way we could overlay the “I will statements” from the Powerpoint over the video image and give the result back to the beamer.

RSM’s MSc International Management/CEMS is an 18-month programme. It is divided into three semesters. During the first two semesters, you must complete the CEMS programme components to qualify for the CEMS MIM degree. In the third semester, you will complete the research clinic, your master thesis and the personal leadership development track as part of the MSc degree requirements. The total study load of the programme is 90 ECTS. You will spend either your first or second semester at one of the other 33 CEMS partner universities.

International management is a multidisciplinary field, spanning topics like global leadership, international strategy, international finance, and global supply chain management, as well as courses with a more innovative focus and topical content such as innovation management, marketing in the age of AI, and corporate venturing.

Throughout the curriculum, you’ll be part of the CEMS network of prestigious business schools, corporate partners and alumni which gives you access to companies and will inspire you to discover which career path suits you best.

This livestream was realized in coöperation with FairMediaTV

Regie: EelcoRomeijn
Camera: Marco van der Ploeg
Sound: Jeroen Mes

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